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About Us

The China Foreign Investment Lawyers Alliance team, the lawyer team focuses on criminal defense, economic, fiscal, taxation, financial securities services, and provides services for China’s civil and commercial affairs, China’s construction and real estate, China’s intellectual property rights, China’s marriage and family, damages, private lending, and labor disputes. , Work injury compensation and other fields to provide legal services.

We are a comprehensive law firm dedicated to providing professional, high-quality and international legal services. We are guided by customer needs, based on professionalism, and dedicated to providing clients with excellent legal services.

Our business areas cover a wide range, especially in China’s private equity, China’s capital market, China’s mergers and acquisitions, China’s dispute resolution, China’s foreign investment legal counsel, overseas investment and other fields. Our clients include well-known industry pillars at home and abroad, the most innovative emerging companies and powerful investment institutions. We have provided customers with satisfactory solutions and meticulous and professional legal results many times, assisted them in completing a large number of transactions, and had the honor to witness the vigorous growth of many companies in the industry.

Our team is composed of partners, lawyers and other professionals who have been working in the professional field for many years. The team members have solid academic skills and rich practical experience.

Our Practice

China Private Equity

Private equity is one of the core business areas of Earnings Consulting. Our team is composed of members who have been deeply involved in the private equity legal service market for many years, and have extensive legal practice and service experience. Our team has many years of experience in investment and financing.

We provide investment funds and start-up companies with one-stop comprehensive legal services from the angel round stage to the subsequent stages of equity investment and financing and debt investment and financing. Our clients are leading first-line funds and large companies at home and abroad. Through the accumulation of experience in many projects, our team has a deep understanding of the business models and regulations of the Internet, big data, new retail, advanced manufacturing, sharing economy, media, medical care, games, catering and other industries.

Our main services include:

Provide a full range of legal services on the investment and acquisition of private equity funds in and out of China, including legal due diligence, investment structure design, drafting and negotiation of transaction documents, and assistance in delivery, etc.

Provide a full range of legal services for corporate financing, including participating in the negotiation of transaction documents and assisting in delivery, etc.

Provide equity incentive plan formulation services for enterprises

Provide compliance and legal consulting services on the daily operations of private equity funds

Provide full-process legal services for fund filing


China capital market

Our partners have extensive project experience and have provided legal services for various capital market businesses to companies in different industries, backgrounds and nationalities.

We have maintained a good cooperative relationship with listing intermediaries such as securities companies and accounting firms. As an issuer or underwriter’s representative lawyer, we provide full legal services for domestic and overseas public offerings and listings of various companies, SME share transfer system listing and bond financing , and provide special legal services for mergers and acquisitions, private placements, reverse acquisitions, privatizations, convertible bonds and other matters related to the capital market. Yingli is especially good at providing clients with solutions with solid legal basis and accumulated experience from previous project experience, and has won high praise from clients in terms of response speed in handling client needs.

Our main services include:

Reorganization and restructuring business before listing, including due diligence on target companies, drawing up restructuring and restructuring plans, drafting relevant legal documents, and assisting target companies to complete the filing and approval procedures of government departments, etc.

Stock issuance and listing and financing business, including domestic initial public offering and listing and financing business, as well as overseas initial public offering and listing (including red chip listing and direct listing) and financing business, etc.

Mergers and acquisitions and reorganization of listed companies, including major asset restructuring of listed companies (including backdoor listing, issuance of shares to purchase domestic and foreign assets), non-public offering of stocks, privatization, delisting and relisting, general mergers and acquisitions of listed companies, etc.

Issuance and listing of bonds and other securities, including overseas bond issuance by Chinese-funded enterprises, bond issuance in the inter-bank bond market, financial bonds, debt financing instruments for non-financial enterprises, bond issuance in the exchange market, etc.

Perennial business of listed companies, including information disclosure consultation, related transaction consultation, agreement review, corporate governance and other daily legal services for companies


China Investment Fund Law Consultation

We always pay attention to the development of various industries in the new economy, provide comprehensive legal services for many investment funds, and have rich experience and resources in the fields of fund establishment and investment. Yingli provides global investment fund services. Yingli’s investment fund lawyers provide immediate response and comprehensive legal services for fund managers, institutional investors, investor shareholders, and target companies under the taxation and regulatory framework.

The team partners have been rooted in the field of investment funds for many years, and have handled a large number of investment fund projects. The business runs through the four aspects of investment fund establishment, investment decision-making, project management and exit. The team’s performance has long been in the leading position in the industry. Its high-quality Its legal services are well received by domestic top fund clients.

Our main services include:

Fund structure design and fund establishment

Design and draft incentive mechanism for investment fund managers

Compliance review of various forms of investment resolutions of investment funds on target companies

Assist investment funds in investment management of companies in their portfolios

Advising on the financing of investment fund transactions

Provide professional legal services for investment funds to achieve investment exits, including but not limited to acquisitions and mergers such as overall sales, initial public offerings (IPOs), capital reorganizations and other capital market transactions

Proxy Court Prosecution

The lawyers of the dispute resolution team all graduated from well-known law schools in China. They have rich theoretical basis and practical experience in litigation and arbitration, and are able to deal with and solve various legal problems. Many law firms in the team have working experience in courts, procuratorates, public security organs, arbitration commissions and government agencies, and have a deep understanding of China’s legal system and judicial practice. We are committed to safeguarding the rights and interests of clients in a timely, efficient and precise manner, and providing clients with high-quality litigation and arbitration legal services. In addition, we maintain close cooperation with many international law firms to provide more comprehensive and diversified dispute resolution services for domestic and overseas clients.

Our main services include:

Domestic and foreign commercial litigation and arbitration

Risk Management Legal Consulting

Litigation related to bankruptcy proceedings

Intellectual Property Dispute Resolution

Real estate and construction disputes

Labor dispute resolution, including mediation, labor arbitration and litigation

Criminal and Administrative Litigation

Settlement and Mediation Negotiations

China Banking and Finance

Our lawyer team in this field has solid legal foundation and rich project experience, and provides professional and comprehensive legal services based on customer needs. Our business covers banking, trust, asset management, securities, financial leasing, funds and other financial industries, and we have extensive experience in industry rules, regulatory compliance policies, risk control, and transaction structure arrangements in related business fields.

Our main services include:

Design governance structures, draft various business rules and internal control systems, etc. for foreign equity participation in mergers and acquisitions of various financial institutions

Establishment, change, market exit and liquidation of financial enterprises

Clean up creditor’s rights and debts of financial institutions

Participate in legal services related to the issuance of convertible bonds and bond issuance

Commodity financing, letter of credit, letter of guarantee business, factoring business financial creditor’s rights protection, debt structural restructuring

Non-performing asset disposal

Handling litigation and legal affairs such as property preservation, litigation, arbitration, and enforcement

Assist or act as an agent in bankruptcy liquidation to ensure the realization of priority rights such as mortgages and pledges

Participate in project planning and operation, conduct relevant investigations, and issue legal risk analysis reports

Formulate and demonstrate legal plans, issue lawyer’s letters, legal opinions, formulate legal documents, etc.

Real Estate and Construction Engineering

We have top-notch professional strength and team reserves in this field, and are committed to tailoring a full range of professional legal services for clients, effectively meeting the different needs of clients, and escorting the success of projects. Our business areas cover the entire process of preliminary financing, land acquisition, demolition, primary land development, project management, commercial housing sales, property rights division and transfer, property operation management, project and project company investment and transfer. Yingli’s real estate and construction engineering team is deeply trusted and praised by customers.

Our main services include:

Assist in designing project structures and solutions

conduct due diligence

Set up a project company

Participate in financing negotiations and project bidding

Legal and tax issues of property management Property leasing

General financing of real estate enterprises

Private equity investment in real estate projects

Make a contracting plan

Assist in obtaining franchise rights and drafting relevant legal documents

Acting in arbitration cases involving real estate Acting in litigation cases (including administrative litigation) involving real estate

Overseas Investment Lawyer Consultation

Our overseas investment legal service team is composed of lawyers who have many years of experience in overseas investment and are proficient in both Chinese and English. Many lawyers in the team have study abroad experience in well-known foreign law schools, internship or work experience in internationally renowned law firms, and rich experience in overseas investment. They strive to provide customers with cross-jurisdictional, multilingual, and high-standard services. In addition, Yingli maintains close cooperative relations with many international law firms, and is good at coordination and cooperation to provide comprehensive, timely and accurate legal services for the smooth implementation of overseas investment projects. Our clients include private equity funds, financial institutions, private enterprises and high-end private clients, whose businesses involve artificial intelligence, big data, telecommunications, education, medical care, retail, new energy, high-end manufacturing, automobiles, real estate and high-tech, etc. field of overseas investment.

Our main services include:

Advising on Chinese approval procedures for outbound investments

Assist clients in project investment structure or transaction structure design

Analyze foreign regulatory and compliance issues, and coordinate overseas lawyers to provide advice on the legal regulatory environment and potential legal risks where the investment project is located

Assist in passing government approval and business permits for investment destinations

Assist in signing overseas investment insurance contracts

Drafting of full transaction documents

Provide consulting services on legal matters concerning foreign exchange management

Dispute Settlement Overseas Investment

Post-investment project supervision and maintenance, including antitrust, financial reporting compliance, etc.

Human resource management legal issues, including employee dispatch and hiring and dismissal of foreign employees

As the lead lawyer of a Chinese client, assisting the client with the national security review/anti-monopoly review of the project in conjunction with local law firms

Our business field


Chinese foreign investment

Our legal team has rich experience in the field of foreign investment. It has served as legal counsel for many foreign-invested enterprises and provided comprehensive legal services for many foreign direct investment projects. We are proficient in the policy details of the Chinese government’s foreign investment supervision, and have maintained long-term good business relationships with relevant government departments. Relying on the lawyers’ solid industry foundation, rich experience in this field, and good communication with government authorities, Yingli lawyers provide customers with excellent legal services in every project they participate in, and provide customers with more legal services through legal services. Good realization of business value.

Our clients include multinational corporations, overseas investment institutions, state-owned and private Chinese joint ventures, local governments, various foreign-invested enterprises, representative offices of foreign enterprises in China, regional headquarters of multinational enterprises, etc. We help global clients successfully invest and expand their businesses in industries that are strictly regulated by the Chinese government, such as media, publishing, Internet, education, energy and real estate.

Our main services include:

Chinese market access services, communicating with government departments on behalf of clients, and assisting clients in handling relevant approval, filing, and registration procedures

Assisting foreign investors to establish foreign-invested enterprises in mainland China, including wholly foreign-owned enterprises, Sino-foreign joint ventures, Sino-foreign joint ventures, partnership enterprises, venture capital enterprises, equity investment enterprises, etc.

Build different investment structures based on customer needs, provide investment risk control solutions, and achieve rapid investment in and out or long-term stable investment returns

Assist foreign investors and foreign-invested enterprises to participate in various bidding projects and provide relevant legal services

Negotiation and drafting of transaction documents, including joint venture agreement, company articles of association, technology licensing agreement, financing agreement and investment-related contracts and agreement texts

Provide daily legal services, including but not limited to drafting and reviewing business-related agreements/contracts and providing revision opinions, assisting clients in negotiating and resolving disputes with various partners, drafting board resolutions and other relevant legal documents, compliance review, providing daily services for the enterprise Provide relevant legal advice on operations

Assistance in corporate restructuring, change registration, dissolution and liquidation

Assist customers to establish a sound internal management system, and provide customers with relevant legal and risk management training

Provide labor and personnel legal services for foreign-invested enterprises, including formulating labor contract samples, drafting labor contracts for senior managers, providing legal advice for enterprise recruitment, layoffs, and dismissal of employees, drafting relevant documents, and communicating with employees to resolve disputes


China’s mergers and acquisitions legal advice

With rich experience in the field of mergers and acquisitions, we have formed a team of experienced mergers and acquisitions experts who have been deeply involved in this field for a long time and have provided professional legal services for many Chinese and cross-border mergers and acquisitions transactions. The clients of Earning Management Services are distributed in various industries such as artificial intelligence, big data, telecommunications, education, medical care, retail, new energy, TMT, high-end manufacturing, automobile, real estate, etc. success case.

Our professionals have profound business insights and can tailor various M&A transactions for clients, including cross-border transactions, financing M&A, asset M&A, equity M&A, corporate restructuring, management buyout, etc. Our team is good at creatively formulating legal plans to remove obstacles, integrating business thinking into legal plans, and using transaction plans within the law to achieve client demands outside the law.

Our main services include:

Assist clients in completing M&A strategy design, evaluating M&A target companies, participating in project negotiations, completing due diligence, designing transaction structures, tax planning, drafting transaction documents, executing transactions, and assisting in the completion of delivery

Government regulatory and compliance solutions, including assisting in government approval, registration, information disclosure and drafting of relevant reports

Provide listed companies with a full range of legal services including transaction structure design, due diligence, participation in negotiations, drafting of transaction documents and legal opinions, and communication with regulatory authorities on major asset restructuring, strategic investment, and other asset acquisitions of listed companies


China Intellectual Property Legal Consulting

Our intellectual property team has a solid theoretical foundation and rich practical experience. Team members have a solid academic background in the technical field, and members with patent attorney qualifications can fully and effectively communicate with customers on technical issues. We can provide clients with a full range of intellectual property legal services, covering patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, etc.

Our main services include:

Patent analysis (FTO), layout and evaluation

Business secret risk assessment and prevention

Intellectual property management consulting, assisting in the construction of intellectual property protection strategies and supporting systems

Intellectual property research and training, conduct intellectual property training for enterprise personnel, and enhance awareness of intellectual property protection and risk prevention

Intellectual property consulting services, including assisting enterprises in conducting due diligence on intellectual property rights, participating in licensing negotiations, drafting and reviewing various intellectual property commercial contracts and legal texts, inquiring about the legal status of intellectual property rights and issuing legal opinions, and assisting enterprises in investment and financing, mergers and acquisitions, and listing Restructuring and other issues involving intellectual property rights to provide legal support, etc.

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